1972 Volvo P 1800 ES


1972 Volvo 1800 ES – restoration completed in October 2019

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Restored 1972 Volvo 1800 ES with the original 4-cylinder fuel-injected engine and original M41 four-speed transmission with overdrive. Only 86998 miles on the odometer (less than 50 miles after restoration). The car has the factory original and highly disable Light Blue Metallic (factory color code 111) exterior color and black leather interior. Great care was taken to restore the car to factory original, including is original factory colors. The restoration included a full cosmetic and mechanical restoration and the car starts, drives and stops like new.

Car specification:

Odometer: 86998 miles

Chassis Number: 1836350002434

Engine: B20 with correct Bosch electronic fuel injection

Transmission: Correct M41 four-speed with overdrive

Drive: Left-hand drive

Brakes: Model correct four-wheel disc brakes

Upholstery: Black (factory color code 448-821)

Paint: Original light blue metallic (factory color code 111 only offered 1972/73

New parts list, over 17000 Euro in parts, not including labor:

Valve cover gasket, Oil pan gasket, Intake and exhaust manifold gasket, Spark plugs, Valve stem seals, Breaker contact of the distributor, Distributor cap, Pistons with piston rings, Air filter, Fuel filter, Oil filter, Fuel pump, Water pump, Crankshaft housing at the rear, Ignition cable, Gear drive seal, Radiator thermostat, Radiator, Hoses, , Cylinder head gasket, Gear drive cover, Rubber bearing motor 3x, Exhaust system complete, Clutch kit including release bearing, Belt spring limiter 2x, Rubber-metal bearing suspension, Front axle ball joints above 2x, Front axle ball joints below 2x, Rubber straps 2x, Steering linkage repair kit, Rubber metal bearing rear suspension 4x, Complete set of nuts ½, Complete set of nuts 3/8, Suspension bearing, Rubber of the suspension springs 2x, Rubber rear axle attachment 2x, Rubber of the suspension springs 2x, Rubber bearing rear axle 8x, Wheel bearings 2x, Master brake cylinder, Front brake hose flexible 2x, Brake hose flexible rear 2x, Brake line steel, Headlights 2x, Headlight chrome rings 2x, Indicator front chrome rings 2x, Indicator front housing, Indicator front seal 2x, Taillight seal, Rubber bushing, Side window seal outside, Gasket tank filler neck, Handbrake, Door seal 2x, Bonnet gasket, Door seal outside 2x, License plate light seal, Chrome wiper cover, Wiper arms and blades, Chrome frame grille, Chrome window in front, Chrome wedges washer seals, Engine oil, Gear oil, Oil rear axle differential, Brake fluid, Windshield washer fluid, Drive shaft bearing, New fuel tank, Bearing wipers, Speedometer cable, New tires, Washer fluid pump, Outside mirrors, Rear axle differential sealing ring, Seal ring gear relay, Cable connector electrical, Tachometer, Clock, Starter battery, Battery terminals, Protective cover spare wheel, Heat exchanger valves.

History of the Volvo 1800 ES:

Volvo introduced its final P1800 variant, the 1800ES, in 1972 as a two-door station wagon with a frameless, all-glass tailgate. The final design was chosen after two prototypes had been built by Sergio Coggiola and Pietro Frua. Both Italian prototypes were considered too futuristic, and instead in-house designer Jan Wilsgaard’s proposal was accepted. The ES engine was downgraded to 125 hp (92 kW) by reducing the compression ratio with a thicker head gasket (engine variant B20F); although maximum power was slightly down the engine was less “peaky” and the car’s on-the-road performance was improved.

The ES’s rear backrest folded down to create a long flat loading area. As an alternative to the usual four-speed plus overdrive manual transmission, a Borg-Warner three-speed automatic was available in the 1800 ES. With stricter American safety and emissions standards looming for 1974, Volvo did not see fit to spend the considerable amount that would be necessary to redesign the small-volume 1800 ES. Only 8,077 examples of the ES were built in its two model years.

Year: 1972
Make: Volvo
Transmission: Manuel
Condition: Slightly Used
Engine: 2,0
MPG: City / Highway
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