1960 Jaguar XK150 FHC 3,8 Cabriolet


Jaguar XK 150 FHC 3,8 1960

Classicmotorsales finansiering

Super flot eksemplar af denne fine Jaguar coupe model.

Bilen fremtræder i meget god stand og er yderst velkørende.

Bilen er registreret med sorte historiske nummerplader

Skal ses – findes nok ikke bedre……

Info fra sælger:

The car is originalblack plated california surviver, year 1960, almost without rust
and with matching numbers ( A heritage certificate will be possible.

The car is black, with red interior – as original.

Engine is overhauled, so is the generator, starter and carburetors.

The engine is just run in, joining the XK 70 celebrating ( ca. 2200 km , ca. 8km/l )

Stainless steel exhaust.

New 5 trin gearbox, Old Moss gearbox with owerdrive follows the car.

New wire wheels and tyres.

New Disc and pipes for the brakes.

Recroming done at A.C.F. Howell, Walsal, Birmingham

All wiring new.

Interior, deadline and robber new. ( G.B. Trim Nunaton.

Gay Broad ( www.gaybroad.com ) has adviced me about the restoration, much
money has been spent, documented on invoices.

Almost the closet you will ever come to a new 1960 Jaguar 3,8L sports car

Engine overhaul 25.08.2010

Dk Inspection 15.09.2014 91875 miles

Running in oil 2015 92875 miles

Oil change Penrite 20-50 SAE 2015 92875 miles

Oil Change Castrol 20-50 SAE 2018 96288 miles

Last number plate: Black Calinornia plate: VYR591

New DK plate: AL62150

Stelnummer: S836686DN

Motor nummer: Va1502-8

Topstykke nummer: Va1502-8

Gearkasse nummer: JLS45432JG

Body nummer: J10806

Speedometer viser: 98616 miles

Seneste registrerings nummer: AL 62150

Sælges for kunde

Year: 1960
Model: XK 150
Interior Color: Red
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