1948 Lincoln Continental V12


Lincoln Continental V12 1948


Fint og regulær bil som er renoveret for en del år siden

Bilen fremstår stadigvæk i fin og velkørende stand.

Hydraulisk kaleche

El ruder.

Vil du køre V12 er her muligheden til den helt rigtige pris.


Stel nummer:8H181227

Sidst Veteran synet i DK: 2014

Seneste registrerings nummer i DK AB39831

Der tages forbehold for taste fejl.

Sælges for kunde


As we all know it just doesnt get any better than 12 cylinders. Unless you add spectacular design as well. Such as here where you get both. This impressive machine is like most of its kind extradited from new in God´s own country back in 1948. That is so many years back that its early history is unknown, but the car reappeared to its second life and new grandeur when it was exported to the Netherlands. Here it was completely restored by a collector and now appears in very fine condition. Paint and hood are new, but the car is renovated with great respect for originalty and for example the instruments are still the original. After the renovation, the car was sold to Belgium, where a Danish collector fell for its charisma, style and quality. He imported the car to Denmark, had it MOT´ed and registered and used it sparingly for pleasure driving. The spectacular machine presents itself very well, is running strongly and is ready for re-registration to the new owner. It´s hard to imagine humming out in the summer of 2017 with more style than this big twelve-cylinder convertible from a bygone era: The Lincoln Convertible V12 is truly an impressive vehicle, About the model: This luxury car is a result of the young Edsel FordÕs ambitions for his father´s car brand.

Edsel was thrilled by the European luxury vehicles, and wanted the Ford Group to be the American brand that could offer the Europeans some competition in this market sector. Just before the war, he built a prototype that was designed along the best European lines, but based on the Lincoln Zephyr running gear. It received an excellent reception by the press and potential customers as well, but actual production was stopped by the war.

Edsel Ford died in 1943, but Ford resumed production after the war and this 1948 model is one of the last. The model is also one of the last cars recognized as a ÒFull ClassicÓ by the American Classic Car Club of America, and also the last American V12-powered series production vehicle. A great classic that exudes motoring history in every detail.

Year: 1948
Make: Lincoln
Model: Continental V12
Body Style: Convertible
Transmission: Automatic
Condition: Used
Location: Wittrupvej 1 7120 Vejle Ø
Engine: V12
MPG: City / Highway
VIN Number: AB39831
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