Online Auctions

Via our international partners we bring your car to a market of more than one million people!

We firmly believe that the Internet is here to stay!

That is why some one of our strongest sales channels are online: Directly or via our international partners we will have access to well over a million potential buyers. We offer you two options to get online with your car:

  • You leave your vehicle with us and we do the rest: Photography, presentation and displaying it in our showroom
  • You keep the vehicle in its usual surroundings but provide photos and other for presentation to us.

In both cases we agree to the exact terms of the sale with you: Reserve price if wished, time schedule, any advertising and so on. And of course we can also help you with transportation, preparation, paperwork and whatever else might be necessary.

Our price structure at the auctions is very simple: It costs 1000, – DKK (+ VAT) to put a car up for sale on our online auctions. Add to this a sales fee of 5% (+ VAT) of the selling price. This means a total cost of only 7250, – DKK (incl. VAT) for your 100.000 DKK-vehicle to be presented and sold to a huge buyer forum of more than one million people. If the car should be presented in our showroom this adds 160 DKK per month (+ VAT) to the price.

As a buyer the calculation is equally simple: Our purchase fee is 12% (+ VAT) of the price. This means that for the same car that reached a bid of 100,000 the buyer will pay a purchase fee of 15,000 kronor (incl. VAT).

Interested in registering your vehicle with our online auction? Then fill in the form below – and we will get back to you:


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