1964 Corvette C2 327 Cab

KR. 449.000

Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 1964.

Frame Number: 40867 S 115768 (Built in Detroit Michigan and No. 15768 out of 22229 pieces delivered in 1964)

Originally delivered in Ermine White.

The engine is a 327 small block L76 with 365 hp (Cast No. 8782870) – mechanical valve lifts and 4 port Holley carburettor. The second most powerful full engine in 1964.

The gearbox is a manual 4-speed, close-ratio sports shift, which was delivered standard to the high performance models with 365/375 hp.

The brakes are of the drum type on all 4 wheels with servo amplifier.

In 1964, approx. 7000 pcs of this coveted model with 365 hp engine and close ratio gearbox – like bla. It is known that the red field in the revolution gauge starts at 6500 rpm against the models with a lower engine output starting at 5500 rpm.


The seller was resident in the UK in 2006 where Corvetten was purchased. The car is first registered in UK d.3 / 5 1974 where it is presumably imported from the United States.

Renovated by an English classic car specialist Andrew Marshall. The renovation comprises in large part:
Lacquer in satin silver
Interior – carpets, door sides, seats, kaleche etc.

In 2009, the car will be taken to Denmark, where it will be customsated and registered – costs for repairs and customs duties approx. 40,000. I have owned the car up to now and it has been continuously upgraded over the years.

Coupling – Flywheel wrench – Gasoline pump – Detector arm etc.

Holley double port carburetor, Goodyear tire.

Tops are refurbished – pushbars / rocker arms – exhaust manifolds.

Engine block renovation with cylinders and pressure test. All bearings – piston rings – camshaft – valve lifts, etc.

Various undercarriage parts – shock absorbers – steering joints.

Total review associated with sight. New brakes – steering wheel measurements – instrument panel refurbishment – electronic ignition.


A very attractive model combination that is completely original apart from the color – upgraded bonnet – American racing rims – electronic ignition.
Has not been framed, but as shown above, it has been continuously reviewed and a lot of spare parts have been replaced, so the condition is very, very nice and it went through sight without a single remark in spring 2017.

Year: 1964
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette C2 327
Body Style: Convertible
Price: KR. 449.000
Engine: 327 small block L76 with 365 hp
Exterior Color: Satin Silver
Interior Color: Black
MPG: City / Highway
VIN Number: 40867 S 115768
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