1922 Packard Doctor Coupe Single Six

KR. 1

Do you want a car other not have and almost can not get !!

According to the Packard Club in California, there is only one in the United States and this copy we have for sale.

Imported to Denmark in the late eighties.

The carriage has been refurbished in Denmark over the last years after all the rules of the art, which is not spared anything
and if the parts could not be obtained, they are specially manufactured to the owner.

The carriage is a delight to the eye and drive like a car, of course with historical black plates.

Speedometer shows 41294 km

Item number U12556A

Last view 12.04.2017

Registration number P1922

Call Bo Windfeld at 22590579 for the price.

Sold for customer

Year: 1922
Make: Packard
Model: Doctor Coupe Single Six
Body Style: Coupé
Price: KR. 1
Exterior Color: Dark Blue
Interior Color: Creme
MPG: City / Highway
VIN Number: U12556A
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