Hammer Auctions

Our first big auction is May 12 in MY GARAGE, Vejle, Denmark

Classic Motor Sales ONLY conduct auctions for classic vehicles, and we do this with heart and brain – physical hammer auctions speaks to both.
While the seller wishes for an intense bidding war for his or her vehicle the buyer hopes that his favorite item will slip trough the auction unnoticed by other buyers. And during an physical auction both can happen! Auctions are an old trade with hundreds of years of tradition – and a form which still stand out in an increasingly online world. Not least because the Classic Motor Sales-format couples the two to get the best of both worlds: Real auctions with online bidders worldwide and therefore a very strong sales channel.

We offer two kinds of physical auctions:

In our headquarters in MY GARAGE we hold our regular auctions.

Pop-Up auctions is our new concept of a traveling auction house, holding auctions where the customers are.

Our price structure at the auctions is very simple: The cost of entering a car is 1000,- DKK (+ VAT). Add to this a sales fee of 5% (+ VAT) of the selling price. This means a total cost of only 7250,- DKK (incl. VAT) for a 100.000 DKK-vehicle to be presented and sold to a huge buyer forum of more than one million people. If the car should be presented in our showroom this adds 160 DKK per month (+ VAT) to the price.

As a buyer the calculation is equally simple: Our purchase fee is 12% (+ VAT) of the hammer price. This means that for the same car that reached a bid of 100,000 the buyer will pay a purchase fee of 15,000 DKK (incl. VAT).

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