Classic Motor Sales Auction Terms:

Prior buyer registration is required in order to participate in the bidding
Buyers can register online or in person on the day of the auction
Admission to the auction including bidder number and catalogue DKK 50.00
Proxy bids can be placed online and via telephone (refer to contact details for the telephone number)

The buyer physically present in the auction room always has the first option to buy in the event of equal bids.

The auction manager will adjudicate in any disputes that arise.

Seller’s commission/fee:
A fee of DKK 1000 (+25% VAT), or in total DKK 1250 is charged to list a car at our auctions. In addition a sales fee of 5% (+25% VAT), or in total 6.25% of the hammer price, is levied.

Buyer’s premium:
Our buyer’s premium is 12% (+25% VAT), or in total 15% of the hammer price.

Seller’s settlement:
For online private auctions: 15 days after delivery of the vehicle For online commercial auctions: 7 days after delivery of the vehicle For auction house auctions: 7 days after delivery of the vehicle

This presupposes that no justified complaints have been received relating to the delivered vehicle

Classic Motor Sales ApS’ Liability:
Classic Motor Sales operates solely as an auction organizer and facilitator of auction sales. The buyer cannot make claims
against Classic Motor Sales ApS

Neither the auction organizer, auction manager nor the auctioneer can be held liable in any way

The consignor is obligated to indemnify Classic Motor Sales from any claims made against Classic Motor Sales ApS

The consignor is obligated to honour and cancel all forms of liability and outstanding debt that may be registered to the vehicle. Classic Motor sales ApS reserves the right to withhold payment to the seller ( consignor) until liabilities and outstanding debt is documented as cancelled by the land register.

The vehicle/auction item (special rules apply for online auctions, see the appendix concerning online auctions)

Any claims for damages shall be made against the consignor. The auction manager and the auction organizer are free of
any liability.

The vehicle/auction item may have defects, deficiencies, restorations, etc. that are not
described in the catalogue. Since pictures published in the catalogue and on the website cannot be used for the appraisal of
the vehicle/auction item, Classic Motor sales ApS urges prospective buyers to appraise vehicles/items by means of physical

The registration certificate of the vehicle will accompany the vehicle unless otherwise stated. Please note that Classic
Motor Sales ApS sells vehicles both with and without tax.

It is the buyer’s responsibility, following delivery/pick up of the vehicle, to ensure that the vehicle’s registration certificate/documents match the vehicle.

Implementation of the auction (special rules apply for online auctions – see the appendix concerning online auctions)

Bids are placed via a physical signal indicating the supplied bidder number

Bids may not be retracted once they have been placed
An auction catalogue will be prepared for the auction. The auction catalogue is merely intended as a guide and
is subject to possible errors and omissions as well as corrections during the course of the auction.

Minimum bid and overbid increments will be determined by the auctioneer. If, after the hammer has fallen, there is doubt
as to who is the highest bidder, or if several simultaneous bids have been placed, a new round of bidding will be conducted.

The auction manager has the right to change the sequence that vehicles/auction items are auctioned in.

During the auction, the only applicable data is that provided by the auctioneer and the data displayed on the screens.

Individual sales are confirmed once the hammer has fallen after three repeated calls without an overbid to the
highest bidder. Where several buyers purchase collectively, liable is shared.

If there is doubt as to who the highest bidder is after the hammer has fallen, a new round of bidding is conducted.

A proxy bidder assumes the obligations of third party guarantor.

If the reserve price is not met, the auctioneer may rule that the auction has not been completed, the vehicle/auction item not sold, and all bids on the item will be retracted.

After completion of the auction the vehicle/auction item is deposited at the buyer’s risk and expense.

Classic Motor Sales ApS record all auctions on video and audio, and auctions may be published on
the Internet. Classic Motor Sales ApS’ premises are kept under video surveillance. Theft of any kind will be reported to the police.

Purchase price and fees: (special rules apply for online auctions, see the appendix concerning online auctions)

Auction commissions + VAT are added to the auction price in accordance with applicable regulations (as stated in the auction catalogue, listings in the auction room and on classicmotorsales.dk)

The full purchase price including fees must be paid immediately after the completion of the auction. Payment must be made immediately via bank transfer.
We do not accept other forms of payment.

The delivery of the vehicle/auction item/registration certificate(s), etc. may only occur once payment has appeared in Classic Motor Sales Aps’ account.

Ownership of the purchased item will be assigned once the ENTIRE purchase price, including any fees, is paid and the payment is

In the event that payment has not been made by the due date, buyers and guarantors are obliged to pay interest on the outstanding sum, reckoned from
the due date for payment.

If the purchase price including fees or parts thereof is not paid in a timely manner, incurred interest will be reckoned from the date of the auction until the date
payment is made. The interest rate on unpaid sums is 1.5% per month and a minimum of DKK 100.00

Buyers residing outside of Denmark have the possibility to apply for a VAT refund by agreement with Classic Motor sales ApS

Collection of vehicles/auction items (special rules apply for online auctions, see the appendix concerning online auctions)

Sold vehicles/auction items must be collected on the day of the auction within two hours of the completion of the auction, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Classic Motor Sales ApS.

For uncollected vehicles/auction items, a storage fee of DKK 500 + 25% VAT, or a total of DKK 625 per commenced week, will be charged.

The buyer may only cancel a purchase: (special rules apply for online auctions, see the appendix concerning online auctions)

If there is a discrepancy between the vehicle’s/auction item’s registration certificates/documents

If there are significant deviations between the information provided during the auction and the vehicle/auction item itself

If there are liabilities or other debts connected to the vehicle/auction item

Complaints and deadlines: (special rules apply for online auctions, see the appendix concerning online auctions)
Any complaints or objections must be made in writing in a timely fashion to Classic Motor Sales ApS

The deadline for timely complaints/objections is a maximum of two hours from the completion of the auction.

The buyer is not entitled to demand compensation for any improvements made to the purchased vehicle/auction item

Special rules apply for online auction purchases:

The minimum bid increment is DKK 500

Bids submitted in online auctions constitute the bidder’s maximum bid. The auction page will place automatic bids on the bidder’s behalf up to the amount
specified by the bidder.

Buyer’s premium = 12% + the applicable VAT rate (example: premium 12% + 25% VAT = 15%)
The winning bidder will receive an invoice the next working day after the online auction has ended

Invoices will be sent via email.
All purchases in online auctions must be paid for via bank transfer within 24 hours of the completion of the auction
unless otherwise agreed in writing with Classic Motor Sales ApS

Right to cancellation is not granted to corporate customers in online auctions

Right of cancellation is granted to private individuals for purchases in online auctions, cf. the Danish Distance Selling Directive.

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