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More than 60 years of experience with classic motoring

We fire on all cylinders! That is why we can also help you – with purchasing a classic or by selling your present one. Or maybe by guiding you towards which one would be suitable for your needs at all. Limousines, sports cars, racing cars, cabriolets coupés or maybe even an nice classic estate? Different cars suit different people and we in Classic Motor Sales have varied preferences as well. Which is why we understand that the choice can be rather difficult. But don’t forget: There is nothing wrong in having more than one classic!

Showroom with a broad and ever changing selection

International online sales and auctions

Hammer auctions – also as pop-up auctions

Via our international partners and cooperation we reach out to private enthusiasts as well as dealers, more than one million potential buyers in total.

Meet the team behind Classic Motor Sales:

Bo Windfeld

Bo Windfeld

Sales / Purchase Classic Car Gallery

Bo suits the Mercedes in the photo rather well, we all think – but in fact he prefers the charm of smaller cars and even has a faible for microcars. But don’t worry: He has also bought and sold most other vehicles with two, three, four, six and more wheels over his many years in the business.

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