1985 Citroen 2500 Prestige

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1985 Citroen 2500 Prestige lang model

Euro 16.000

This CX Prestige sold new in Denmark well kept by its 3 owners, according to seller. The CX had a light makeover with new top roof, paint and general maintained.
At launch in 1974, the CX was rushed to market, with some teething troubles. Some very early models did not have power steering and proved difficult to drive – the CX carries 70% of its weight over the front wheels
Originally, the CX was developed as a rotary-engined car—with several negative consequences. The CX engine bay is small because rotary engines are compact, but the Comotor three-rotor rotary engine was not economical and the entire rotary project was scrapped the year the CX was introduced. The firm went bankrupt in 1974, partly due to a series of investments like Comotor that didn’t result in profitable products. Production versions of the CX were always powered by a modest inline 4 cylinder engine – only the very rare 168 PS (124 kW) GTi Turbo (1985–89) ever had the engine power to match the capabilities of the chassis.

At launch, the carburetor 102 hp (76 kW) CX was positioned below the 141 PS (104 kW) DS 23 Pallas Injection Electronique and the 180 PS (132 kW) SM Injection Electronique.
There was a choice between three differently powered versions. The “Normale” CX car came with a 1985 cc version of the four cylinder engine from the predecessor model with a claimed maximum output of 102 PS (75 kW), which was slightly more than had been available from the engine when fitted in the DS. The “Economique” version of the car (reflecting the continuing impact of the 1973 oil price shock) came with the same engine as the “Normale”, but the gear ratios were changed, along with the final drive ratio, giving rise to a 7 km/h (4 mph) reduction in top speed in return for usefully improved fuel economy. More performance came from the “CX 2200”, fitted with a 2175 cm3 version of the engine and a twin carburetor, resulting in a claimed maximum output of 112 PS (82 kW).

Speedometer: 378069 km

Year: 1985
Brand: Citroen
Model: CX 2500 Prestige
Type: Limosine
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Grey
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